Online traffic and marketing your business can be pretty simple when you streamline your business for long term success.

The only problem I see is that online marketers are making things harder and harder for themselves each day.

They’re also being bombarded by

  • software suites,
  • training courses,
  • seminars,
  • SEO,
  • Lead generation,
  • Social Media marketing,

and everything else under the sun.  

“Let’s Keep It Simple”

Top online marketers have huge marketing budgets.

They have access to the best products and services before everyone else does.

They also have access to:

  • targeted traffic sources,
  • they buy up and control valuable resources,
  • and they partner and joint venture with others to outperform their competition.

hat’s the difference between you and them?

Do you really think that the top online marketers promote their products and services in the same manner that they’re telling you to?

When you have a massive marketing budget, you can outsource the SEO, Social Media Marketing, and lead generation while you focus on building relationships and driving sales.

Top online marketers have already figured out that while important:

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on SEO
It doesn’t matter how many times you post on Social Media and
It doesn’t matter how many training courses or seminars you attend,

Your #1 goal is to drive sales.  

As long as you’re distracted by every shiny object that hits the market, you’ll never be able to compete, and they know it.

I hate to make things sound like a conspiracy, but why would the gurus ever tell you the
truth, especially when they’re earnings millions from selling you things that you could be outsourcing to someone else.

Look around you.

Every top online marketer is partnering with others, sharing in the traffic and resources, and generating 90% of the sales while everyone else fights over the crumbs.

Did you know that top marketers can legally hijack your traffic because they understand your customers better than you do?

Ask yourself these questions.  

What would you do if you had a huge marketing budget that came in every month, even if all else failed?

What would you do If had access to all the targeted traffic you’ve ever needed, along with access to the best selling offers on the market, before everyone else?

What if you had access to an unlimited amount of targeted traffic that you could use to sell your products and services, and earn $10’s of thousands per month by offering targeted traffic to others?

What if you could pay someone else build your marketing budget for you, while you focused on putting together deals and running your business?

Would you spend valuable time posting on Social Media, worrying about SEO, or finding the right Leads for your business?

My guess is the answer is a big fat no.


Here’s a real MLM and Affiliate Marketing Secret.

The Smartest MLM and Affiliate marketers don’t earn a killing from what they sell to you, or from having hundreds of people in their downline.

They actually earn the bulk of their income from selling highly targeted traffic, and using their connections to help others.

Think about it.  

If you joined an MLM or affiliated with a company, the owner could earn a decent income, provided you didn’t drop out of the program, or stopped promoting for them;

But what if the owner had connections to massive amounts of targeted traffic in any niche, and he earned a commission every time you ordered traffic, and for anything else you happened to purchase in the future?

Now, what if the product owner

  • decided to partner or joint venture with you to help you create and sell your other offers,
  • matched you with other top marketers who are looking to do the same,  
  • and even purchased your offers, performed webinars for you,
  • and even connected you online service providers who can help you create products, services, websites or anything else you may need?

This means even if you left the MLM, stopped promoting the initial offer, or he never heard from you again, you would likely keep the traffic sources and connections, and he would continue to earn income from your efforts for life.

I’m living proof that this is happening every single day.

The Student Becomes The Teacher

Now, what if you were the one who had access to unlimited traffic, Jv’s partners, affiliates, online service providers, and you earned a massive income from the sales and efforts of others for life?

“This is how top marketers are secretly building massive marketing budgets and residual income checks that keeps growing even if they don’t sell a thing.”

Online advertising is a multi billion dollar industry that you can use to promote your products and services, and build a huge marketing budget that keeps coming in even if all else fails.

Every online and offline business needs traffic, leads, and customers, and if you are a member of an MLM, affiliate program or sell products or services of your own, imagine what you can achieve when you can help your downline or email leads find all the traffic, leads, and customers they will ever need.

The only question is, are you going to keep following guru’s. Hopelessly buying their overpriced offers and praying that they will finally reveal the real secret to their million of dollars in earnings.



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