My Credits

What Are Marketing Credits?

Marketing credits can be earned when you like, comment, share, or create content, and when you make purchases from other members.

With My Joint Venture Life, you can start earning, selling, and even trading the marketing credits you've earned, and receive cash, bonuses, or discounts on the products and services you need.

The four types of marketing

You can earn four different types of marketing credits along with cash incentives to help you offset your marketing expenses while you build your business. 

Your can earn Traffic Credits, Lead Credits, Bonus Credits, Advertising Credits, and Cash Incentives when you purchase products and services from other members, and by sharing content for others. 

You can built up your marketing credits doing the things you’d already be doing anyway, then you can convert your credits into traffic, discounts, and even transfer your credits to others when they complete a task for you. 

learning all about your credits

Traffic Credits

Traffic Credits are used exclusively to drive traffic to your website, videos, blog posts, or website.

Bonus Credits

Bonus Credits can be earned when you purchase different products from other members.

Cash Incentives

You can earn cash incentives for sharing content, and helping others succeed. The more you help others the more cash incentives you can potentially earn.

Lead Credits

Lead Credits are sent exclusively to opt-in and landing pages to help you drive leads.

Advertising Credits

Advertising credits can be used to promote your products and services on the platform and with other members.

Earning 1000's of credits

You can earn 1000’s of credits quickly by checking your emails and the instant notifications that you receive from us, and following the instructions.

If you want others to perform a task for you simply contact us and we will use our resources to help you get the exposure you need.  

How much are my credits worth?

All credits have a worth 10% of their total amount. If you earn 1000 credits you can use those credits to drive 100 visitors of your site, leads, or you can save them towards purchasing advertising.   

You can also pay others in credits by transferring credits to other members. 

You can view your credits from your profile page.

Click the following link to transfer your credits to others.