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The Ultimate "JV" Ice Breaker!

What's The Fastest Way To Generate More Traffic, Leads, and Sales?

It’s to first build trust, by giving away something that your potential customer desperately needs.

What online business owner, entrepreneur, or affiliate marketer, doesn’t need more traffic, leads, sales, and social influence?

Some of them have huge audiences, and they’re spending thousands of dollars on something that you can help them get for free. 

Each person that you refer to this site is actively searching for great content to share, new people to partner with, and products and services to purchase or promote.

By showing them how to generate more, traffic, leads, and sales, they’ll be happy to open your emails, share your content with their audience, and even partner or purchase from you. 

That’s what “My Joint Venture Life” is all about. 

You’re literally one step away from connecting with new JV’s, Affiliates, and potential clients and customers.

We’ll not only share your business with up to hundreds of new members each week, but we also actively help you drive sales.

All you have to do is pay it forward by actively sharing great content for us and other members, and we’ll do the same for you.

The more you share, the more traffic , leads, and exposure you’ll receive.



We Help Our Members,

Generate Traffic

The more active you are on the network the more likes, shares, traffic leads, and exposure you'll receive.

Joint Venture

Other members will visit your website, contact you via your social profiles to start liking sharing, following and joint venturing with you.

Find New Customers

We offer free and paid advertising, contest, bonuses, rewards, and huge discounts to help you drive sales.


Now that you’ve created your profile, it’s time to start driving some traffic, leads, credibility, and engagement.

If you share your link on 3 networks per day you could have thousands of people actively sharing your content in a matter of weeks.

Don’t forget to bookmark and read this entire page to learn how you can supercharge your success, and pay it forward. 


Tracking Your Leads

Click Here” to create your shareable tracking link. This is how we’ll keep track of your sharing activities. 

Simply click “Connect” and your link will be created for you. 

You can then click the “Invite Friends” button, and share it with all of your Facebook friends that are looking for more traffic.

Start Sharing

To share your link on other social networks, scroll to the bottom of the share page “HERE“, copy your link, then return here.



Use Our Content or get more shares when you create your own!

You can now use any of the social images, and content below, or create content and we’ll share it with other members. 

As new people contact you, make sure that you share your link.

You can also set up a lead capture page, and capture their name and email, before sending them to your link.

myjointventurelife article instagram

Expanding Your Reach

Join as many Facebook groups, business networks, forums, or any place that allows you to share content online. 

If you join a lesser known business site and you can show the people there how to generate traffic, leads, and social influence, and become a rockstar quickly.

Simply select from the images below, create a short personal message telling others how they can generate more traffic, leads, and sales (OPTIONAL), and start sharing and earning exposure today. 

The more active you are on the network, the more we’ll share your profile, and the more exposure and traffic you’ll receive.

When you share for us and others, they'll do the same for you!

Instead of bombarding your audience with your offers, you can share content that actually helps you gain their trust. 

When you help someone accomplish a goal, they will naturally want to see what you have to offer, and be eager to like and share your post, follow you, and open up your messages in the future.

We are dedicated to gathering and helping our member create and promote the most shareable content on the Internet. 

The more shareable the content is, the more people we’ll expose it to. 

It’s important that you choose the best content to share, so that you can drive as much traffic, leads, and sales as possible.

How To Use Member Profiles 

Once you start sharing post you’ll be exposed to members profiles, based on how much you share. 

Each profiles may contain their website, product and service and contact information, and may only be used for joint venture and sales purposes.

No spamming is allowed.

You can check out their business, contact them directly, and make arrangements to start working with them. 

You’ll may also find huge discounts on the products and services that you need, so be sure to check here before you place an order someplace else. 

Profile Rating System

When someone likes, shares, and comments on your post be sure to visit their profile here and give them a 1-5 star rating or leave a review. 

This helps them build their social credibility with others across the network. 

Getting Access To Great Content

You’ll also get access to the best content that our members have to offer, and we’ll even help you create content that drives visitors to your site. 

Since you’re not selling anything upfront My Joint Venture Life offers the perfect way to break the ice and build relationships. 

Afterall, who doesn’t want more traffic, leads, sales, and social engagement?  

Here’s A Sample Of A Post That’s Generating Thousands Of Visitors

The more personal your content is the more likely you’ll trigger others, to like, share, follow, and trust you.

Can you tap into the emotions, problems, want’s, needs, and desires of your prospects and get them to take action?

Example Title and Post: 

“Are You Sick and Tired Of Not Getting Enough Traffic?  Share post like this and get up to thousands of visitors” 

When I first started my business the hardest thing for me was getting enough traffic, leads, and sales.

I use to hate posting over and over again, and even when someone replied, it almost never led to a sale. 

I use to wonder “is it just me, or are others experiencing the same problems.

Admitting my mistakes was the hardest thing for me to do, but once I did, I started looking for answers.

I literally tried everything under the sun, and most of it doesn’t work. 

Many of the same people who are teaching you how to promote are not using the same methods they recommend, and unless you have a huge marketing budget, your probably never going to get to their level.

They have access to their current customer base, huge email list, JV’s, dozens of affiliates, and thousands of dollars to run paid ads, but if you tried to do the same and one campaign goes wrong, you could literally be wiped out.

Most marketers are confined to using free advertising methods, constantly posting all over the Internet and only getting mediocre results.

What if you could get thousands of others to help you promote your business, generate leads, traffic, social influence and sales at the same time? 

Did I mention it’s free? To start driving traffic,leads, social influence, and sales, like this post, and contact me for more info.  


Points Equals Shares

When you share our post it helps us to grow the network leading to more traffic, leads, and engagement each week.

The easiest way to get hundreds of leads, shares, and people visiting your website is to build trust by sharing our post on social media, and depending on what kinds of content you share, you’ll earn up to hundreds of points (shares) each week.

When you share video content or perform webinars, you can earn thousands of points, win prizes, bonuses, and even earn cash.  

More on this below!

We recommend you share once per day on 3 social networks, which can bring you hundreds of shares each week. 

When others share your content they are expanding your reach across multiple social platforms driving more leads for you. 

Sharing things on twitter

Twitter is an awesome venue for getting out short quick messages, and news about your company, that can trigger others to friend, follow, and retweet your messages.  

Everybody wants to be heard and by sharing the social exchange, we will share your profile with 20 new people who are actively looking for people to work with. 

Sharing on facebook

Facebook is the most powerful sharing platform of it’s time, and now you can tap into it’s 2 billion active people reach using the power of social

sharing on Google plus

Google plus is an untapped landscape of 540,000,000 people that are searching for thing to shares and people to follow. 

To learn how to properly setup and tap into this audience click here to get started.

Follow these steps closely and when you share things on G+ we will share your profile with 40 new people who are actively searching for people to work with. 

sharing All Over The Net

It goes without saying that you can share your link and content where ever you can find potential affiliates, marketers, and JV’s. 

We will track your link and share your business with potential JV’s, Affiliates, and customers, who are searching for people like you.

They have access to your target audience and there’s no easier way to build relationships with them, then to show them how to drive more traffic, leads, and sales. 


achieving your goals

Youtube is the #1 platform for  sharing your ideas using the power of video. Video marketing is responsible for over 74% of buying decisions and we will help you take advantage of it.

Get 1000's of Social Shares, Website Visitors, And Free Ads Each week

It's only right to give the highest quality content, the most organic reach. We feel the same way at My Joint Venture Life, and by providing us with great content, we will in turn, spread it around for others to share.

Quote: Keep Your Content and Your Business In The Minds Of Those Who Love To Share

Are You A Video Content Creator?

Let Us Make You Famous!

As of 2016 the organic reach of the average post has dwindled by as much as 52%, but the same can’t be said for video.

In fact, video outperforms the average post by 17%, and represents a powerful opportunity to get your name and or your company in front of a massive audience. 

With My Joint Venture Life, It’s Always Win- Win!

Our members are always searching for great content to share and they literally have to share things on our network in order to boost their exposure. 

The more they share the more the more we’ll expose their channels to others. 

Why not offer them great content and get massive exposure in the process?

When you create a video or webinar related to our network we’ll expose your videos to up to thousands of members, and

even advertise your business to upto thousands mores each week.

You can create video content yourself, or contact us and one of our members can do it for you. Since you own the content people will have to visit you on Youtube, Vimeo, or on your website to view your content.   

Imagine your videos being shared with thousands of potential people who are actively looking for great content to share. Your inbox could be filled with dozens of messages, from people who are begging to work with you, and you can start earning from new partnerships, and creating videos for others. 

Get Free Advertising

Whether your selling a business or training course, you’re a network marketer trying to get people to join your team, or if you sell a franchise opportunity, your potential customers and clients will need social influence, authority, and traffic if you expect them to stay on your team.

Site Wide Advertising

When you create  a video or webinar telling others about our network and showing them how to get started, you’ll also receive free advertising throughout the site.

Getting What You Want

We’ll send your advertisement out to up to 10,000 leads, via instant notification, email, and even post your targeted ad on our top pages using our ad rotator or on one of our members network sites.

Webinar Content

You can Submit Links To Your Video and other Content To The Email Below and We'll start sharing them for you

USE OUR Shareable Content Or Create Your Own and We'll Share It With Others For You

You can start generating traffic, leads, free advertising and more, when you share the network with others and unlock new content when you share the any of the images below.

The more active you are on the network the more exposure, resources, and opportunities you’ll receive.

Be sure to check your email for brand new shareable content resources being created every day.

You’ll start receiving video and webinar content, along with contest, and blog post that you can use to drive traffic, leads, and build your influence and your brand.. 

If you want to collect leads before sharing the network simply point your leads to your lead capture page and grab their email address before sharing your link. 

Simply right click any of the images below, save them to your computer and share them to capture the attention of new JV’s Affiliates, or Potential customers.

To view the full size image simply right click on the image then click “open image in a new tab”. 

If you perform a webinar for us you can also submit a B2B or social media blog post. You’ll receive all of the benefits mentioned above, and you’ll be highlighted on our profile page for ever member to see. 

Don’t forget that your videos will be posted to be shared by every member who joins in the future.

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