Automatic Signups

Automatic Signups

You can build your marketing budget 100 Times faster with automatic signups

What Are Automatic Signups?

Automatic signups (or auto signups) are members who’ve joined us through personal advertisements, search engine traffic, and anyone who didn’t joined us through an affiliate link. 

Instead of keeping these automatic signups, and all their future earnings to ourselves, we’ve decided to help you build your earnings 100 times faster, by placing automatic signups under you.

You can receive Automatic Signups weekly based on how active you are on the network, and how much you help others.

We’re currently giving away two automatic signups to each member, for a limited time. 

You can use this unique selling point to generate more sales and commissions, by letting others know that they can now receive two automatic signups for free. 

Once you receive an Automatic Signup, you’ll earn from all of their purchases, traffic campaigns, upgrades, and each time they renew their account.

You can also earn much more when you start working with them directly, and that’s not including any cash, bonuses, discounts, and credits you can receive.

You can earn, purchase, and even transfer your automatic signups to other members, when  they make a purchase, or perform a service for you. 

Just one Automatic Signup can be worth thousands of dollars to your account, especially when you start working with them to succeed.

Keep reading to learn more all Automatic Signups, including how to buy, sell, and transfer them to others, and how much a single Automatic Signup can be worth to you.

Here's What Your First Two Automatic Signups Can Do For You!



Automatic Signups are also known as your connections. 

You’ll have access to their profiles, you’ll know exactly how to help them, and can work along side of them to help them succeed. 

When you help other members, you can earn hundreds from their purchases, each month, and earn thousands more through Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Affiliations, Credits, and more.

When they succeed, so will you. 

You’ll earn 25% every time they pay their membership and when they upgrade their account.

You’ll also earn 10% from every network related purchase and traffic campaign that they order. 

If they join as a Silver Member you’ll earn: 

$28.50 per month from their memberships 
$149.50 per month when they upgrade to Gold (provided that you have upgraded yourself, $299 per month and
$299.50 per month on Platinum upgrades (provided that you’re upgraded to platinum yourself. $599 per month.

Since each of your signups will receive two automatic Signups as well, you’ll also earn 10% from the sales of their signups. 

If their Automatic Signups join as a Silver Member you’ll earn: 

$11.40 on the Silver Membership
$59.80 on the Gold Membership and
$119.80 per month on all Platinum Memberships.

You can earn even more when they purchase other products, services, or advertising through the network. 

If they spent $1000 per month on advertising you would earn an extra $200 per month from those two Automatic sign ups alone. 

If your two signups refers just one person per day, you could potentially earn $5730 in monthly residuals without lifting a finger, or breaking a sweat.

Buy, Sell, and Transfer Your Automatic Signups To Others.

The fastest and easiest way to build your marketing budget, and make new connections is to start purchasing Automatic Signups upfront. 

If you purchased one Automatic Signup per week, your could be earning thousands within months. 

The best thing about Automatic Signups is you can purchase them for $50, then turn around and sell them for $75, $100 or whatever you want. 

Once you sell an automatic signup, all you have to do is notify us and we’ll transfer that signup to any member you choose. 

You account members will be transferred based on the last person to join under you to prevent cheating. 

You can also give away paid signups to others when they make a purchase from you.

This works great if you plan to sell high ticket items to other members, or you can sweeten the deal with Automatic Signups if you want them to promote your offers, or a clients offer, and you need help from someone in their niche. 

You can also giveaway Automatic Signups as bonuses, create a members only contest or giveaway, or transfer your automatic signups to others when they perform a service or make a purchase from you or someone on your team.

If you did nothing else except purchased one automatic signups every week for a year.  Your earnings could be between $26,676 and $168,199 over the next year in monthly membership income alone.

Get Your Automatic Signups Today!

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You can purchase one Automatic Signup at a time, one sign up a month, or get 12 sign ups for the price of 10. It’s like getting 2 more Automatic signups for free.


One Time

  • One Automatic Signup,
  • Transferable
  • Full Support


Per month

  • One Automatic Signup Monthly
  • Transferable
  • Full Support


one time

  • 12 Automatic Signups
  • Transferable
  • Full Support

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