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"This has been one of the best experiences I've had dealing with an Influencer marketing platform. They really went out of their way to help me"
Adam S
League Pro

Start BUilding your marketing Capital and your inner circle at the same time

The fastest way to dominate in your niche or industry is to have a huge marketing budget that comes in every month regardless of anything that happens in your business, and a powerful team of business connections that are paid just to help you.

What happens when your competition has thousands in monthly capital to promote their business, support their affiliates, and create new offers, while you’re forced to rely on the search engines, social media, shelling out thousands upfront, and promoting your business the old fashioned way?  

With My Joint Venture Life, we help you build real marketing capital that comes in month after month, and a Master Email List filled with JV’s, Affiliate Partners, Business owners, and Influencers, and you can even write off your entire membership on your taxes. 


What Can you Achieve with a huge monthly Marketing Budget and the ability to promote your business tax free?

1) You can start marketing any product or service that you want, worry free.

2) Discover and utilize hundreds of niche specific traffic sources to promote your own offers, and help clients as well. 

3) Easily supplement your earnings by adding viral traffic, leads, and sales to your list of services.

4) Get huge discounts on the products and services you need while offering powerful bonuses, rewards, or discounts to others who shop with you. 

5) Purchase business supplies, new equipment, materials, and even purchase company vehicles, and start writing off 100% of your marketing cost, and many of your other expenses on your taxes.

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Combine Your Master email List With relationship Marketing for massive Reach and sales

A Master Email List is a list of JV’s, Affiliates, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and Business Owners who have been vetted, trained, and will pay you upfront, before they ever start working with you. 

What Makes A Master Email List 100X More Valuable Than A Regular Email List?

When you build a regular email list, you could spend thousands upfront, you’ll have to build a relationship with each lead, and gain their trust, and you can only generate one sale at a time. 

When you build a Master Email List your leads pay you upfront, and you can earn thousands more through Joint Ventures, Referrals, Affiliations, Partnerships, and other opportunities. 

They already have access to your audience, they’ve already gained their trust, and thanks to the valuable incentives at My Joint Venture Life, they can help you generate dozens of sales at a time.

Imagine what you can achieve when you have thousands in monthly business capital, and a list of JV’s, Affiliates, Entrepreneurs, and Influencers to help you market your business. 

You Can:

> Raise capital to create new products and services, and have the connections you need to introduce them to the marketplace.  

> Drive sales, and get referrals, while you refer your connections to others.

> Affiliate, Joint Venture, and Partner with other marketers while finding new affiliates, JV’s, and Partners to help you.

> Promote any offer you want and still have upto $5000 to $20,000 or more in capital coming in each month.

> Generate even more revenue when you help your customers or clients find new, leads, traffic sources, and drive sales.

> Outsource projects to others on your list and earn a hefty profit while they do the work. 

> And write off 100% of your marketing expenses on your taxes.

To help our members get the most out of their Ventures, we offer powerful incentives in the form of cash, bonuses, rewards, and even cash to help them generate sales, and encourage them to help others.

You can earn cash, bonuses, rewards, prizes, discounts, and traffic, lead, and advertising credits just for helping others. 

If you’ve made a purchased from any of the leads sent to you by the network within the last 30 days, you’ll be eligible to earn cash.

You’ll also receive special updates giving you the options to generate thousands in extra earnings when you purchase from another member, refer them to someone others, perform a service, and just for being a great citizen of our community.

Win Contests, Prizes, Cash And More!

We’ve Saved The Best For Last! 

You could win between $25 and $10,000 in cash, gift cards or prizes, and be eligible for top member giveaways.

You’ll even be able to participate in contest’s, and perform product and service reviews, and you may even get to keep some awesome products just for giving your opinion.

As a member of My Joint Venture Life we’ll create contest and giveaways, and share them with other members, who will in turn share them with others across the net.

This is just one of the many ways we help our members generate sales. 

While It’s Still Free!

Here's How To Become 100X More Effective Than Your Competition, And Get 1000X the Results.

How It Works?

1. Train For Success

Get your Joint Venture Marketing Walk Video, and Training Guide.You'll learn the ins and outs of the network, how we help you raise your first $5000 in capital, build your Master Email List, and the marketing strategies that can take you viral. You'll even receive two paid signups for free. (Limited Time Offer)

3. Create Your Profile

Complete your profile and tell others about your business, what kind of ventures interest you, the best way to contact you. We'll start sending you fully vetted traffic sources, leads, and sales opportunities. You can tell others about your products, services, or affiliate offers so they can start sending you referrals and purchasing from you.

2. Choose Your Account

Become a Silver, Gold, or Platinum member. By upgrading your membership you get to share in the revenue, earn leads, traffic, and advertising credits, bonuses, prizes, cash rewards, and you can even write off the cost of your membership on your taxes.

4. Start Earning

When you share the Joint Venture network with others you'll attract the JV's, Affiliates, Influencers, and the business partners you need, directly to you. When they join, you'll earn from their memberships each month, their upgrades, their purchases throughout the site, and you can earn thousands more by working directly with them.

5. Your True Earnings Potential

After joining us you'll receive up to three Joint Venture marketing funnels (depending on the membership that you choose), and they'll contain your very own opt-in forms so that your leads go directly to you.You'll earn 25% on all memberships and upgrades, depending on your membership, and 10% on all sales and traffic campaigns. Silver membership Level members will only receive payouts based on silver level status. Meaning you'll earn 25% on based on the membership level of your account. Please sign up for your free Video Training for more information.You'll receive instant commissions directly into your Paypal account for all memberships and upgrade referrals. Giving you access to your earnings immediately. You'll also receive bi weekly payouts on any upgrades and sales produced through their account.Members who cannot receive Paypal payments, will receive bi-weekly checks. More Payment Options Coming Soon.

Why You Should Be Focused On Attracting JV's Affiliates, Business Owners, Network Marketers, and Service Providers Before Everyone Else Finds Out?

Businesses spend thousands of dollars on marketing each month and they’ll continue to do the same as long as they’re successful. 

A small marketing campaign can easily turn into a large one, especially when they have a large marketing budget, and they’re seeing results.

This is the only opportunity that will allow you to generate long term income from people who can potentially spend thousands per month consistently. You’ll also gain powerful allies in the business world that have a powerful incentive to work with you.

A single business owner, network, affiliate marketer, or influencer could have hundreds of people on their team, a huge email list, or they   

could sell hundreds of business related offers each month.

There’s nothing stopping you from earning 10% from their marketing efforts, and you can even joint venture, partner or affiliate with them, and write off each of your promotions on your taxes. 

You can start putting together the kind of partnerships, joint ventures, and affiliations that could be potentially be worth millions with people who have huge marketing budgets of their own, and the residual income, and sales could be staggering.

Just check out how you can be to earn thousands from a single marketing video and what could happen if you created one each week?

Members Earn 1000's of Social Shares, Website Visitors, And Free Advertising Each week

With My Joint Venture Life your network related video content can bring you thousands in monthly earnings, get massive organic reach, and help you brand yourself or your business in one easy step.

All you have to do is create a webinar or video and we'll share it with up to thousands of people each week.

What Is A Network Related Video?

A network related video is a Webinar of Video that can easily be shared by the entire group.

Our members are always searching for great content to share, and now you can get thousands of shares, brand yourself or your business, attract JV’s, Affiliates, Influencers, and drive residual income and sales by creating one simple video. 

Your network related video content must teach others about the network in some way, shape, or form, or how to use it to achieve a goal. 

Here’ How A Single Video Can Produce $5000 Per Month for You!

First Decide What Kind Of Video You’d Like To Create 
You can teach others:

  1. > How To Use The Network To Sell Your Offers
    > How To Use The Network To Drive, Traffic, Leads, or Sales.
    > How To Build A Master Email List,
    > How To Build Their Marketing Budget,
    > How To Market Their Business Tax Free
    > How To Find Joint Venture Partners and New Affiliates,
    > How To Put Together Joint Venture Deals
    > How To Raise Capital To Create New Offers

“Your earnings are only limited by your own creativity.” 

Sell Your Offers and Drive Residuals At The Same Time

You can generate the maximum amount of passive income by hosting a webinar or Live stream that showcases how to use your own product, service, or affiliate offer, and along with the network. 

Even if you sell a physical product you can offer discounts on your products when someone get’s started on the network.

Those members will be immediately added to your account, they may have purchased your offer and now they’re producing residual earnings for you, as well.  

Here's How We Get You Massive Exposure!

After you’ve created your video or webinar, it’s time to let us expose it to the masses for you. Depending on the quality of your video it could be seen by thousands of members each week. If you don’t have the time or expertise to create your own videos, you can hire someone else to do it for you. 

Licencing Your Videos

Now decide the guidelines for others to license your videos, and send them to us. You can allow others to license your videos after they’ve shared them three times on three social sites, or if they share them once per week using your links, or any guidelines that you choose.  After they have shared your videos according to your license they will be allowed to continue to share your videos using their own links.

Getting Massive Exposure

We’ll send your video out to up to 1000’s of leads, via instant notification, email, and even post your video on our top pages using our ad rotator or on our members network sites.

Those members will in turn share it thousands of times on their social media profiles, blogs, or websites, giving you access to their audience, and branding you for life.

Massive results

If just 1000 people shares your webinar or video on 3 social networks for 3 total days you would generate 9000 shares.

If only 50 people saw your post per share, you would generate a massive reach of 450,000, and that before any of them shared it with their audience as well. 

If you generated only 1% of those people to leads and 4% of them converted to sales, you would generate 4500 leads, and $2565 in residuals in under a week, and that’s not including and sales of your own offers. 


Massive Sales

Everyone who joins under you will also need a licensed video to share with their audience leading to a perpetual viral campaign, and branding, that can keep bring you results. 

You may receive request to create videos for others, hundreds of referrals, and joint venture, partnerships, and other opportunities from others. 

You’ll earn 25% of all of their memberships and upgrades, and 10% from all of their future network purchases. 

By the end of your first month you could have earned  $10,260 or more in residuals from one video.

You’ll also have a Master Email List filled with JV’s, Affiliate Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and Influencers, who are ready to buy sell, purchase from you, and refer you to others. 

Don’t forget, that your videos will potentially be available to be shared by every member who joins in the future.

Start Your Free Walk through Video Training Or Create Your Account, and Start Building Your Brand While It's Still Free!

While It’s Still Free!

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Signup Immediately and you’ll receive Two Automatic Signups while supplies last. Automatic Signups are members who be placed directly under you. Driving residual income, and sales to your account and remember, you can write off your entire membership on your taxes.

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